Third and Fourth Degree Perineal Tears & Episiotomy

Third and Fourth Degree Perineal Tears (OASIS) & Episiotomy Hand-On Workshop 



  • 8.45amRegistration and Coffee 
  • 9.15amIntroduction 
  • 9.30amAnatomy of the Pelvic Floor, Perineum and Anal Sphincters 
  • 10.00am:Anorectal Physiology 
  • 10.30amDiagnosis of Anal Sphincter Injuries 

11.15 amTEA & COFFEE 

  • 11.30am Video on Diagnosis  
  • 11.40am:2nd Degree Tears and Episiotomy 
  • 12.00pm: Episiotomy Repair Video  
  • 12.10pm: Third and fourth Degree Tears and Repair  
  • 12.45pm: Video- Repair of 3rd/ 4th degree tears 

13.00 pm: LUNCH 

  • 13.45pm: Management of subsequent pregnancy after OASIS 
  • 14.05pm: Management of complications of vaginal delivery 
  • 14.35pm: Prevention of OASIS with perineal support. 
  • 15.00pmVideo of episiotomy repair in animal tissue 

15.10 pmTEA & COFFEE  

  • 15.25pm:Hands on repair of episiotomy 
  • 15.30pm: Video on anal sphincter repair in pig 
  • 15.40pm: Hands-on anal sphincter repair in animal tissue 
  • 16.30pm Hands-on perineal support on model 
  • 17.30pm:  End 

Please note that the program is subject to change