Anal Ultrasound Masterclass



08:15    Registration and coffee

08:45    Introduction                                                                Abdul Sultan

09:00    Applied Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor

and anal sphincter                                                       Ranee Thakar

09:30    Anorectal physiology and validation of ultrasound     Abdul Sultan


10:00    The ultrasound machine                                             BK Medical

10:15    Which probe for which compartment?                        Ranee Thakar

10:30    Pelvic  Floor Imaging techniques

            Tapes, urethral diverticulum, prolapse, intussuception                                                                                                                      Ranee Thakar

11:00    Coffee


11:20     Anorectal investigations                                            Abdul Sultan

11:40     Diagnosis and clinical application of endoanal ultrasound                                                                                                                         Abdul Sultan

12.10  Transperineal Ultrasound of anal sphincter                  Kandice Wong

12.30   Conservative management of anal incontinence         Wendy Ness

12:50    Lunch


13:35    Stations 10 min each

-        Bowel dysfunction corner

-        Anal manometry and rectal sensitivity

-        BK Phantom and machine

-        Image manipulation on laptop


1415     Demonstration                                                             Abdul Sultan               Image acquisition

Image Interpretation

Hands-on experience on laptops                                 Faculty


15:00    Coffee


15.20    Cased-based discussions of scanned patients

- Management of anal incontinence

- conservative

- sacral nerve modulation

- posterior tibial nerve stimulation

                        - Secondary anal sphincter repair

- Management of subsequent pregnancies after OASIs

            - Setting up a Perineal Clinic


17:30    Certificates issued via online accounts at