Anal Sphincter Model

Sultan Anal Sphincter Trainer


Part No: 60227

For practising the techniques associated with the repair of the internal and external sphincter (3rd degree tear). This model was developed in collaboration with Mr Abdul Sultan, Mayday Hospital, Croydon (UK).


  • Recognition of internal anatomy
  • Tissue handling
  • End-to-end repair of the external sphincter
  • Overlap repair of the external sphincter
  • Repair of the internal sphincter and mucosa


  • The Anal Sphincter Block presents the following realistic anatomy:
    • perineal skin
    • external sphincter
    • internal sphincter
    • mucosa
    • muscle tissue
  • All essential layers of tissue can accept sutures
  • Each replaceable Anal Sphincter Block presents 2 repair sites (1 site is preincised the other is uncut)
  • Quick and easy to prepare and replace during training courses
  • Durable, long-lasting perineum and frame
  • Clamps provided to secure Trainer to edge of bench top
  • Supplied in durable plastic carry case
  • Compact and portable

Package supplied

  • 1 Anal Sphincter Perineum Part No: 60229
  • 1 Anal Sphincter Block Part No: 60228
  • 1 Anal Sphincter Block Clip
  • 1 base
  • 2 bench top clamps


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