Pelvic floor and Anorectal Ultrasound Masterclass

DAY 1 


08.15h   Registration

08.45h   Introduction                                                                                   Abdul Sultan

09.00h   Applied Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor and Anal Sphincter             Ranee Thakar

09.30h   Ultrasound physics made easy                                                    Pawel Wieczorek

09.45h   Which probe for which compartment?                                         Giulio Santoro

10.00h   Discussion

10.15h   Coffee

10.30h   Songraphic anatomy of the Pelvic Floor                                        Giulio Santoro

11.00h   Bladder and urethra                                                                       Pawel Wieczorek

11.30h   Posterior Vaginal Wall, rectum and levator ani injuries                 Giulio Santoro

12.00h   Demonstration of image manipulation                                           Ranee Thakar

12.15h   Discussion

12.30h   Lunch

13.15h   Live demonstration                                                                         Faculty

                Hands-on experience on computers

                Image acquisition 

                Image Interpretation

15.30h    Coffee

15.45h    Case based discussion

18.00h    End



DAY 2 

08.30h   Registration

09.00h   Introduction                                                                                      Ranee Thakar

09.15h   Imaging techniques (endoanal/transperineal/endovaginal)             Ranee Thakar

09.35h   Anorectal physiology and validation of ultrasound images              Abdul Sultan

09.55h   Anorectal investigations                                                                   Abdul Sultan

10.15h   Discussion

10.30h   Coffee

10.45h   Diagnosis and clinical application of anal ultrasound                      Abdul Sultan

11.15h    Live demonstration                                                                         Faculty

                Hands-on experience on models  

                Image acquisition

                Image Interpretation

13.00h   Lunch

13.45h   Cased based discussions of scanned patients

               Management of anal incontinence - conservative and surgical

               including sacral nerve modulation and posterior tibial nerve stimulation

               Management of subsequent pregnancies after obstetric anal sphincter injuries

16.30h    Certificates issued via online accounts at